A Return

Greetings dear reader,

I have casually returned from my vacation. I was away for a month. A month of introspection with a tiny flavouring of surprise and busyness.

I travelled to my hometown and devoured the sights, smells and the overall pleasant being of one’s land. I was quickly left with certain feelings, such as, how would my life be if had continued my journey called ‘life’ there? Would I be treated differently or the same? How unique would I be as a person? The questions are unfortunately endless.

However, meeting one’s blood relatives as well others who mean well does have a positive impact on the overall well being of a person. An aura of companionship of any virtual kind takes control over you. I felt this in my land. A companionship with my land. Even while exploring new places, I felt this strange effect taking a shot at me.

Perhaps it is my age who is mocking me to teach me the values of life.
Perhaps it is I who is finally questioning the utter question of finding my ‘place called home’.

In every sense, I had a wonderful journey. A change is inevitable and this journey taught me lessons worth learning and sharing. It has politely stirred a chord within me to write and embrace more poetry.
For instance, in some of the serene, delicate and beautiful places that I have visited, I always managed to rhyme the surroundings into any scenario. I wish to share this with the world.

Let my journeys be yours too!
Expect more poetry, dear reader and let us kindle the flames of nature, love and beauty together.

Forever yours,


The Dalai Lama’s Influence


Recently at the world famous Glastonbury Festival, His Holiness the Dalai Lama appeared before the massive crowd of festival-goers and celebrated his 80th birthday with much happiness and grace.

His Holiness also addressed the crowd and delivered ideas of love and compassion. You can watch it here!

I was truly inspired and influenced by this. The ideas of strengthening friendships, providing moral actions to a very sensitive world and just being a compassionate human being make me happy.

I sincerely believe in a world fueled by good deeds. Yes, this is possible. One must believe in expressing the goodness in oneself. It sounds very simple but that is the truth – it is simple!

By believing in and practicing these good deeds, the mind and soul achieve confidence and happiness.
Good deeds include helping others, being concerned for all forms of nature, believing in peace and being compassionate.

His Holiness makes a strong point that by being compassionate, you achieve happiness!

In conclusion,

I respect The Dalai Lama’s teachings because they tell us the truth in a simple manner. They invoke the goodness in all of us and help us become better human beings.
It is always great to read such quotes and articles on twitter and online.

I felt like passing on this message in this time of violence and social unrest. Peace is essential for society and every single individual.
We must help each other!

Author’s Note: 

I celebrated my birthday last night! 🙂

Thank you,


#12. The Man Who Sold The World

In the park, around the corner

Where the trees in all subtleness

Gave life to my deep desires


Beneath my utter pallor

There lay a lost soul

With love on his platter


The world cared not for him

His beliefs were just reveries

Trust was to be beckoned


His sobriquets lost forever

An unknown amongst men

With a meaningless existence


All his goodness coveted

By the scums of this planet

To whom he shrugs with wonder


Fragments of love afloat

To the mastermind’s society

Longing to be buried with wise


To an ethereal home

Belonging to the graceful one

Nothing like earthly paradise



‘The Man Who Sold The World’ is a poem which really required subtle thought and intuition. It speaks the truth which hides in each and every one of us. It took me sometime to put it into words, but this is the result in the end.

The first-person start is bringing you closer to the protagonist who is a common person. A person struggling and enjoying life and its by products. He is having a rendezvous with himself on this occasion recalling the world and its entities. He believes that this world is suffering and that the ‘wise’ by which he refers to people with gratitude, love and affection are all gone.

He has absolutely no solution and appears to be lost. He wishes to go far away and exist in peace somewhere he can actually very happily call home.

This topic is something to think about!

Make this world a better place 🙂


Thank you,



P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.