#21.The Angelic Musings

The angels can hear me cry
They taste the bitter fear
Surrounding my every thought

This meticulous pain
Piercing through my lobe and heart
Grows stronger every second

I lost my hearth
To the ridicule of happiness
With untimely hope

I sold my soul
To satisfy that foolish dream
Of a journey to share my heart

Deranged flashbacks dissolve
In the depths of my mind
Forever scarring my thoughts

I want to disappear
To time immemorial

The angels pushed me away
From the joy and sadness
Into the pure void

Where answers float around
Like the game of thrones
Waiting to be struck

I cannot trust my instinct
Am I betraying myself?
Has the world won?

All that I want
Dear angel
Scream your anthem

I cannot live on this placebo
My body hurts
I cannot take this anymore

Scatter the meaning
Into my soul
Forever and ever more


The world is a blur to our protagonist.

An empty place with too many thoughts battling each other. Where is all the peace and happiness? Where are all the singing birds? – The protagonists thinks. 

His solitude keeps him satisfied yet always craving for the answers and the future. Is he alone? Do the angels control his thoughts?

Thank you,
Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



#14.The Quintessential Coffee Thought

I answer quickly

Who are you today

a moment to think

How, not who

A perplexing question

I knew when I awoke

That the solemn reply

To understand this nightmare

Lies within the mind

Behind those frail memories

Split up abominations

Exist as subtle puzzles

Echoing the aged truth

Of our unknown universe

To wait for thy savior



This poem was written at Starbucks Coffee.

The thought process is a tricky one which basically questions life and its motives.

The inception of this poem is rather interesting for while I was enjoying my drink, I noticed writings on the tables. It said many things but I wrote them in my own order of lines.

I completed the poem with a philosophical ending.


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev


P.S: This poem is protected by a creativecommons licence.



#11.Obsession of the Love Kind

The summer is going on! Congratulations to Germany for winning the FIFA World Cup 2014. The endless labyrinth of love continues to take over me. Read this poem for a first hand account on one such experience! 🙂 

I saw her once
That face etched
To head and heart

Our eyes met
Both deep with reveries
An unknown craving

She never spoke
Our connection strong
One of million words

That unique spark
One never heard of
Serenaded before us

Words were helpless
Actions had no time
My heart gave away

I believe in fate
Love and its magic
Make her only mine

– A melodramatic experience with a lovely, sweet and dark taste.




This poem was written in contempt because the question of love is worth a million dollars. The true sense seems to haunt me. The questions are endless and each and every action needs due consideration. 

The plot seems to be simple but the emotions being carried here is too complex for any of us to understand. 

The protagonist meets a beautiful girl. He knows her as a friend. A dear and loving friend who would die for him. This relationship is truly beautiful and difficult to come by in the current generation. 

He is in utter doubt. He cannot trust his head nor heart. One is right; one is wrong. 

The protagonist tries another perspective where he believes that the answer is only hope. Hope for the right choice to be made. 


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.