#26.Fade Away

Where did you go?
I swear you were here
A minute ago
Standing beside me

I thought I saw you here
Your face and your smile
Almost brought back a tear
As if I cared

I must admit to you
That my heart went places
Dancing to a tune
Of your beauty

I am a nostalgic fool
Thinking only of you
Singing with no rule
Songs of our yesterday

Has love betrayed us both?
Maybe we did realize
There was always hope
For these two lost souls

To never be alone
Is what I pray
As we stand on our own
Before we fade away


A memory is all it takes. You are left with a glimpse into your past and another reality altogether. ‘Fade Away’ speaks this out as an adventure.

The protagonist remembers and catches onto a tiny speck of his memory. His dearly beloved. He is initially elated beyond possible words and is speechless and dazed. He quickly admits that it was a game that his mind had played on him.

He is reluctant to give up on that memory. He remembers her beauty, her love and everything about her. The songs he sang and tunes he hummed all hit him very quickly. He soon comes to reality and questions the ultimate reason for his current state. He wonders about her too.

The protagonist is a believer. He believes in destiny and all he prays for is satisfaction for himself and for her.

“True love waits…” – Radiohead

Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



“I’ll Make It To The Moon If I Have To Crawl”

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.


I begin this post with gratitude to the response received from the readers. I thank you amazing people!

The song that I have chosen today is: Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers is a rock band originating from Los Angeles (The city of angels), United States. ‘Scar Tissue’ is a very popular song from their epic album ‘Californication’ (1999). The song is dedicated to the drug-driven life of the lead singer, Anthony Keidis. 

The line ‘I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl’ is just simply beautiful. It might appear to make a lot of sense at first; but the real meaning is something wonderful to both the mind and heart. 

Anthony was a drug addict for most of his younger years. He suffered a lot because of this addiction. I’ve read about this pain in his book which is also titled ‘Scar Tissue’. He mentions everything in great detail. His life was a question mark, his relationships were ruined, and his health was at stake. This man was a victim to his own cravings. 

‘I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl’ can have two meanings to anyone. Firstly, It can mean that Anthony was clearly ready to give up the drugs, sex, and bad life-style and try to reach his goals. He wanted to reach success and happiness even if it meant that he had to crawl towards the goal. Secondly, It can mean something a little more deeper. Anthony was a heroin addict and his main motive at that time was to get high. It can also refer to the fact that he was ready to get high no matter what obstacle he had to face. 

This line is a real paradox and that is why I love it. You can question it so many times that you will finally give up. Think about it.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this for a change. 

Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 

P.S: Click here to listen to ‘Scar Tissue’ and watch the music video.