I stood at a distance

Eerily, I gazed

Into oblivion in search

Of unmistakable beauty


Ocean blues and sterling days

Guide us to be the ones

Exemplify our hearts

We were meant to be


I stared into her soul

Vestiges of love built up

Our hearts were intertwined

I could never let go


Our voices echo past worlds

The universe deems our love

To be one beyond wonder

As life simply passes by



‘Star-gazer’ is a love poem which has been mildly inspired by music. This poem is based on a dream of mine.

The protagonist is a teenager on the verge of adulthood and is lost in the sea of life. He is a hapless romantic in love with his best friend. He is a mysterious soul who is timid towards the idea passion and love.

His only hope is for the marvellous universe to help him compose this relationship. Mother Nature needs to destroy this confusion built up inside him and show him that she is the one.


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.





#3.The Love That Lasts

Pour me
Just let me flow away 
To depths of new horizons 
Startling into heaven

Love me 
Sway away with me 
Leave nights young forever
Wandering into oblivion 

Kill me
Take me away 
Stroll with me to hell 
Whispering promises to me 

Enchant me 
You are all I need 
Make me wonder 
Forever and ever



‘The Love That Lasts’ is strictly a first-person poem. It means that love is a tricky experience. 

The protagonist is a person in love who is nothing but confused. He is confused about the future of his relationship. Love is but a doubt to him. He has no idea what to expect and so he creates possible outcomes. 
This is also the truth about human nature. Everything is a question. The journey involves understanding each-other and providing maximum support. 

Finishing this poem was quite an accomplishment for me. I actually began writing this over three years ago and slowly filled in lines whenever I thought about them. 


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


#1.A Lifetime Of Reveries

I walk streets unheard of 
Slip into the taciturn nights 
I watch the skylines 
Alone, I stroll into the piercing cold
With no angst nor worry 
I am thy savior here
To serve you in your time 
I have neither name nor face
I remain an enigma to you 
You may recall my shadows 
But underneath the exterior 
There lies a no-one to you
I have neither cap nor cape 
Vengeance strolls down my spine 
Call me a hero or villain? 

I walk into the depths of the abyss 
Crawl behind the shadows 
Evil flows along my veins 
My dark passenger follows 
I have committed the crime of the century 
To fulfill my every need
I plot my malicious game in the midst of town
Invincible, I remain hidden amongst the common
The world remains subtle
Unaware of the enigma they need to face
You have all seen my face
The silence whispers my name 
To pursue that urge I bear 
Insanity is on its brim 
I am the hunted, I am the one
But I have committed my last laugh
Call me a hero or villain?



‘A Lifetime Of Reveries’ was my official entry for the 

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

The theme was ‘Heroes and Villains’. 

I had exciting ideas but I trusted my instincts and went with my first plan which was to write a poem showing a character with a dual personality. He is living in a dystopia with crime around every corner. Humanity is failing miserably and a need for a hero is extremely necessary. There exists a dark side to the character too; something haunting him for ages and ages. He appears to be both a megalomaniac as well as a savior. 


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.