You and I, my dear
We walk towards each other
As time freezes
Memories come crashing
Down on our souls

The pain exceeds
My very soul
Towards a known time
Of love and agony
Between you and me

Suddenly everything blurs
As you fade
Away from my reality
Only to realize
We were always strangers


Everything is crazy. Life is beyond crazy. My soul exonerates madness. One of a romantic flavour. I’ve known this forever. ‘Strangers’ is mere reality which has shocked me to my bones.

The protagonist is a walking travesty on a dull land. He questions the bare existence of romance on the blue planet. One day, his life suddenly involves his past love. His memories come crashing down again and it hurts him to the brink of insanity.
She merely walks past him.
Is he a ghost?
Does he know how to disappear completely?
Are all those memories just special to him? Weren’t their souls ever meant to be together?
The protagonist is scared. Scared to believe. Scared to love. Scared to live.

I apologize for the absence from publishing poetry here. I hope you enjoy this, dear reader.

Thank you,
Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



The Dalai Lama’s Influence


Recently at the world famous Glastonbury Festival, His Holiness the Dalai Lama appeared before the massive crowd of festival-goers and celebrated his 80th birthday with much happiness and grace.

His Holiness also addressed the crowd and delivered ideas of love and compassion. You can watch it here!

I was truly inspired and influenced by this. The ideas of strengthening friendships, providing moral actions to a very sensitive world and just being a compassionate human being make me happy.

I sincerely believe in a world fueled by good deeds. Yes, this is possible. One must believe in expressing the goodness in oneself. It sounds very simple but that is the truth – it is simple!

By believing in and practicing these good deeds, the mind and soul achieve confidence and happiness.
Good deeds include helping others, being concerned for all forms of nature, believing in peace and being compassionate.

His Holiness makes a strong point that by being compassionate, you achieve happiness!

In conclusion,

I respect The Dalai Lama’s teachings because they tell us the truth in a simple manner. They invoke the goodness in all of us and help us become better human beings.
It is always great to read such quotes and articles on twitter and online.

I felt like passing on this message in this time of violence and social unrest. Peace is essential for society and every single individual.
We must help each other!

Author’s Note: 

I celebrated my birthday last night! 🙂

Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev


I stopped living
I’m merely existing
For the sake of life
Life with no meaning

I find myself dreaming
Always and everywhere
Of a happy age
Of no sadness

All I want is peace
This need is killing me
Stabbing my heart
Every single second

I don’t fear the great unknown
Not anymore, you see
For I have seen it all here
Life has won over me

I abandoned hope down there
Along with my love
My heart can’t take it anymore
This pain is hard to ignore

My sudden breaths save me
For I believe it will help me
To discover what’s beyond
This living nightmare

Think twice when I’m there
For I’m not here forever more
My love is your love
And we’ll never be alone


What is a life with no satisfaction?
What is your happiness? There might not be answers to such questions but do what your heart tells in the right moment with no regrets.

‘Suddenly’ was written under the supervision of my introspective thoughts. Thinking of peace in all honesty. It tells you directly the thoughts of an irritated troubadour, the protagonist. All he wants is peace. Nothing more.

I hope it is everything you wanted and more.

Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



Sometimes all you need,
Is to let go of everything.
Drowse on your own placebo,
And trust the universe.

Believe in the untimely magic,
Of the frail beauties around you.
Look into your own soul,
And you’ll never be alone.

I see the planet as a wonder,
A city of dreams.
Faded, into its own heap,
With a subtle heartbeat.

Where right and wrong prevails,
Echoing the good and bad.
It is exactly a strange mystery,
Like the questions of my heart.


What is wrong with the world today? Where is all the goodness? Where is humanity? These questions haunt us. Are we the waiting?

‘Blackout’ speaks out the mind of the protagonist, a concerned being. He is just another lost soul facing earth’s scums and troubles everyday. He tries to do good and help in his own ways but what is the use? Everything he does conspires against him and his beliefs.

He echoes his heart’s desires. He is sick of lonely days and false placebos. When will it all make sense? But, the protagonist has a beautiful mind which is open to the wonderful mysteries of life. He embraces this and continues his journey called life.

This poem’s title is inspired by the song ‘Blackout’ by Muse.

Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


#15.The Journey

The wind pushed me away
Towards the road unknown
Beyond the hills and far from life

My mind stopped its beliefs
The world spun in a million ways
Blown towards choosing a path

A decision which stripped me
Left me bare with utter disgrace
A heavenly sojourn to nowhere arose

This life has tuned me daft
In the path towards my oblivion
Am I unaware of my hatred?

The world speaks with no noise
Silence has given me answers
Protecting my every hint of trust

Crying rivers of helplessness
Along these banks, rest my solitude
My only savior of pure harmony

Why do I not believe my sights?
Everything is but an illusion
None perpetuating to trust anymore

This wind has cleared my contemplation
For this troubadour will say goodbye
He has finally reached home


‘The Journey’ is a poem which tells us about the protagonist’s life in short. He is a good natured human being lost in the clock of time. He makes the best of the world around him but alas the end takes him away.

The poem starts with the protagonist being given a sort of ‘push’. He is ‘pushed’ from an inner source to take the road less traveled. The journey begins here. He passes through villages and other small tenements into barren lands away from human settlement. The confusion is forever arising and makes him think about his sanity. He is introspecting constantly about life and the people involved. He questions his purpose and pleasure.
He is near a river bank and even the reflection of his own image appears to be fake and artificial to him. He does not believe anymore. His divine self believes that his good deeds are already done.
He has reached home. He takes his own life for the sake of humanity. His journey ends here.

The poem was written while I was introspecting. It speaks a lot about our world today where good deeds are rarely accounted for and valued. The protagonist tells a sad tale but this can change.
All good deeds are rewarded.

Thank you,
Arjun Rajeev

P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


#7.Happiness Is Real

You are given one chance
Make it blue and bright
Sing along with the ocean
Give back to mother nature

Life is a roller coaster ride
Jump on it and ride forever
Love like there is no end
Cheer up during sadness

Emotions are just droplets of ink
They dry up in no time
Learn from your life right now
Friends are the pillars of life

Make life beautiful like butterflies
Cities weren’t built in days
Trust in yourself and others
Believe in the stars above you



This poem was written rather quickly. I am experiencing plethora of emotions right now due to various personal reasons and I think that life should be nothing but happiness. You are given life by God and you choose how it going to be. 

The protagonist could arguably be me. He is devastated by life. He is ‘in the middle of the ride’. Nothing is fixed; nor is anything temporary. Society thinks it is advancing everyday but he knows that it is a lie. People are not humans anymore. This annoys the protagonist and he resorts to believe in his own life. 

The poem was inspired by the wonderful music of Owl City. Adam Young’s music is the ultimate cheer up music. 


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


A Pictorial Dream: I

Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is never a myth.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is a pure belief of joy.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is mother nature and her love.



 Beauty is you and your purpose in this universe.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is pure goodness of life.



All these photos were taken in Malampuzaha, Palakkad which is a beautiful place is Kerala of Southern India. The place is heavenly and I was given a chance to photograph the scenery with my camera.

Photography too like poetry has been much more than just a mere hobby to me. It is passion. I fell in love with photography right when I was a child and I’ve used many cameras to experiment and figure out ‘how’ to capture beauty. I’m happy to announce that I’m still on that path. The journey matters more to me.

In Malampuzaha, I used my Canon EOS 450D D-SLR camera with a standard Canon 18-55mm lens.

If you like these photos and want to check out more of my shots, please take a visit to my deviantART page: McRockstar on deviantART. I appreciate it!


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev