#9.The Pretender


Just wanted to inform you that today is my birthday! 🙂 You may continue reading.

Somebody take the pain away
I need to hide tonight
This impulse hurts
Takes away my soul
I ask for nothing more
I am my lowest enemy
I express what you recognize
Taking risks along the path
I acknowledge not
Not if the body makes tomorrow
Betrayed by birth
I know not of existence
Belief broken and torn
Love shattered worse
I can’t give up
Giving up tears me
Agonizing everyday
Regretting my choice
None too worse
Life goes on
Am I the pretender
or are you?



This poem was written really long ago by myself. The thought process must have been emotional/ strange back then.

The protagonist talks about life from a drug addicts point of view. He is sad and lonely. He enjoys the pleasure of taking drugs but soon he realises that no one will help him nor moan with him. Life goes by and he sits betrayed and shattered. This leads him thinking if he is the pretender or are others who aren’t as honest as him.

I am most proud of this poem.


Thank you,
Arjun Rajeev


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.