#22. Blackout

Sometimes all you need,
Is to let go of everything.
Drowse on your own placebo,
And trust the universe.

Believe in the untimely magic,
Of the frail beauties around you.
Look into your own soul,
And you’ll never be alone.

I see the planet as a wonder,
A city of dreams.
Faded, into its own heap,
With a subtle heartbeat.

Where right and wrong prevails,
Echoing the good and bad.
It is exactly a strange mystery,
Like the questions of my heart.


What is wrong with the world today? Where is all the goodness? Where is humanity? These questions haunt us. Are we the waiting?

‘Blackout’ speaks out the mind of the protagonist, a concerned being. He is just another lost soul facing earth’s scums and troubles everyday. He tries to do good and help in his own ways but what is the use? Everything he does conspires against him and his beliefs.

He echoes his heart’s desires. He is sick of lonely days and false placebos. When will it all make sense? But, the protagonist has a beautiful mind which is open to the wonderful mysteries of life. He embraces this and continues his journey called life.

This poem’s title is inspired by the song ‘Blackout’ by Muse.

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P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


Featured On ‘The Artistic Muse’


It is one of my greatest pleasures to announce that ‘The Artistic Muse’ has featured my poem Death of a Martian: 1.

I am truly honored to share my poetry and have it displayed on such a beautiful website dedicated to the Arts & Poetry.

You can view the featured poem here! I also enjoyed reading the other poems featured on the wesbite.

‘The Artistic Muse’ has introduced me to a new term which I truly love.

Poehemian: a poet or artist who does not adhere to the norm; a bohemian of poetry or art; a poet or artist who is quite possibly (subconsciously or consciously) inspired by the great Edgar Allan Poe.

Thank you,