I see you aloud
Never inconspicuous to me
You make life full
Being most cardinal
I desire you only
Love’s never loose
Walking past those shadows
Pairs being delightful
None so compassionate
I can never let go
Nothing ever between us
Trust is but a choice
Together we are one
That one compound

‘Compound’ was one of my first poems. It comes right from the heart. Human beings are in search of constant companionship. Love is a form of companionship. It is a first-person poem about the idea and feeling of love.

The protagonist is anyone on this planet earth. Your average Joe or Jane for that matter who has actually found the better half. Being a compound means being one unit and sharing all the happiness and bitterness with the lover. They would cross mountains and jump over clouds just to reach each other. That is what life and relationships are all about.

Thank you, 
Arjun Rajeev 
P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



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