Today we are
A duet so harmonious

Meant to be
I’d never let go

The sun set smooth
I couldn’t imagine better

There we lay
Not a care in the world

This tender way
With much too passion

I held her hand
Tears out of this amour

Her skin so lustrous
Glowing away the night

Forget the reckless things
Ones we’ve done

The night was still young
Velvet roses perfect

Time meant nothing
Nothing to two in love

I relish every moment
The end was soon

Tomorrow comes again
to who I stay in dismay

Something just aberrant
Unusual was no word

A part devastated
Love was exiled

I lay alone cold
Loneliness remained certain

Hearts of hearts
To a broken heart



This is one poem which contains a lot of emotion from my side in particular. I remember writing this on Valentines’ Day. It is just one of those poems. There is nothing more to say.

Let’s call the protagonist as “B”. So you see, “B” is a person; an intimate person who thinks he has found true love. It is Valentine’s Day today and he’s on top of a hill with “C” – his love. They lay down holding hands with so much passion. “B” is mesmerized by her beauty and relishes each moment. They watch a sunset. The next day comes leaving “B” alone and lonely. “C” has left him; left him with a broken heart.

That is a simple explanation to the poem. I am not going to deny nor accept that the protagonist is me. Think about it.


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.




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