#9.The Pretender


Just wanted to inform you that today is my birthday! ūüôā You may continue reading.

Somebody take the pain away
I need to hide tonight
This impulse hurts
Takes away my soul
I ask for nothing more
I am my lowest enemy
I express what you recognize
Taking risks along the path
I acknowledge not
Not if the body makes tomorrow
Betrayed by birth
I know not of existence
Belief broken and torn
Love shattered worse
I can’t give up
Giving up tears me
Agonizing everyday
Regretting my choice
None too worse
Life goes on
Am I the pretender
or are you?



This poem was written really long ago by myself. The thought process must have been emotional/ strange back then.

The protagonist¬†talks about life from a drug addicts point of view. He is sad and lonely. He enjoys the pleasure of taking drugs but soon he realises that no one will help him nor moan with him. Life goes by and he sits betrayed and shattered. This leads him thinking if he is the pretender or are others who aren’t as honest as him.

I am most proud of this poem.


Thank you,
Arjun Rajeev


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



Question of the hour


Poetry, prose and literature in general is a beautiful work of art. People enjoy writing and creating such articulate and beautiful works.

People also enjoy reading and understanding the love and hard work along with soul put into it.

The process is an amazing one!

The question which has haunted me is: Can two writers collaborate? 

In the world of art (Poetry is most definitely an art), there are cases of beautiful collaboration among people. Artists who specialize in a certain aspect seek help and guidance of another artist who can work on a specific function of the artwork.

This is very interesting because there two sources of inspiration, two ideas and styles and two unique perspectives to the artwork.

Poetry is everything described above and much more. The idea of accepting two writers can be challenging in the beginning. The experience is something unique as well.

I think that collaboration is not a focus on the final result but rather the entire process and experience. It is a good way to aesthetically form friendship and understand the other person as well.


This is my opinion to the matter. I would love to hear your idea and opinions.

Please leave them as a comment! 


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev

#8.Broken Love

Lust never lies

Those solemn two 

Wickedness dare not touch 


Beneath these brave 

That needful craving

Mankind claims no idea 


Society remains vague 

Even those strongest forces 

None can ever be broken 


Minds always clash 

Making anger bloom 

Which tends to mix love 


Lovers are together 

Holding one another 

Their destiny forever 


Love is a strange feeling. It cannot even be described by many. The real experience is said to be out of this world and I truly believe that. True love is not a myth, genuine affection and feelings among two souls is possible and without a doubt, real. 

The poem is mainly from a person’s point of view. He is a lover himself and believes in true love. Society is demeaning to lovers. They think it as a joke.¬†

Truthfully, I have no idea when I started writing this poem. It was a quick one though. The real conclusion is that love is eternal.


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.



#7.Happiness Is Real

You are given one chance
Make it blue and bright
Sing along with the ocean
Give back to mother nature

Life is a roller coaster ride
Jump on it and ride forever
Love like there is no end
Cheer up during sadness

Emotions are just droplets of ink
They dry up in no time
Learn from your life right now
Friends are the pillars of life

Make life beautiful like butterflies
Cities weren’t built in days
Trust in yourself and others
Believe in the stars above you



This poem was written rather quickly. I am experiencing plethora of emotions right now due to various personal reasons and I think that life should be nothing but happiness. You are given life by God and you choose how it going to be. 

The protagonist could arguably be me. He is devastated by life. He is ‘in the middle of the ride’. Nothing is fixed; nor is anything temporary. Society thinks it is advancing everyday but he knows that it is a lie. People are not humans anymore. This annoys the protagonist and he resorts to believe in his own life.¬†

The poem was inspired by the wonderful music of Owl City. Adam Young’s music is the ultimate cheer up music.¬†


Thank you, 

Arjun Rajeev 


P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.


Inspiration: A Necessity


The ‘Emirates Literature Festival’ is back in town and this time the poetry writing competition’s theme has been announced.¬†

The theme is: Wonderland

The submissions are due only in November but I am already forming ideas and plans. Fantasy is the true element in my mind. 

I am planning¬†to include lines from a child’s perspective in a wonderland. The imagery I need to use should be apt but at the same time elegant.

I will constantly be writing about the poem here and hopefully I can post is as a whole soon. 

I appreciate any suggestions/ideas about this topic. I would really like to hear your perspective of a Wonderland. 

You can read my submission for the previous ‘Emirates Literature Festival’ here: POEM #1.


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev

A Pictorial Dream: I

Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev. Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is never a myth.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is a pure belief of joy.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is mother nature and her love.



 Beauty is you and your purpose in this universe.


Photo taken in Malampuzha by Arjun Rajeev.

 Beauty is pure goodness of life.



All these photos were taken in Malampuzaha, Palakkad which is a beautiful place is Kerala of Southern India. The place is heavenly and I was given a chance to photograph the scenery with my camera.

Photography too like poetry has been much more than just a mere hobby to me. It is passion. I fell in love with photography right when I was a child and I’ve used many cameras to experiment and figure out ‘how’ to capture beauty. I’m happy to announce that I’m still on that path. The journey matters more to me.

In Malampuzaha, I used my Canon EOS 450D D-SLR camera with a standard Canon 18-55mm lens.

If you like these photos and want to check out more of my shots, please take a visit to my deviantART page: McRockstar on deviantART. I appreciate it!


Thank you,

Arjun Rajeev





I see you aloud
Never inconspicuous to me
You make life full
Being most cardinal
I desire you only
Love’s never loose
Walking past those shadows
Pairs being delightful
None so compassionate
I can never let go
Nothing ever between us
Trust is but a choice
Together we are one
That one compound

‘Compound’ was one of my first poems. It comes right from the heart. Human beings are in search of constant companionship. Love is a form of companionship. It is a first-person poem about the idea and feeling of love.

The protagonist is anyone on this planet earth. Your average Joe or Jane for that matter who has actually found the better half. Being a compound means being one unit and sharing all the happiness and bitterness with the lover. They would cross mountains and jump over clouds just to reach each other. That is what life and relationships are all about.

Thank you, 
Arjun Rajeev 
P.S: The poem is protected by a creativecommons license.